e0217-2012-05-12_16-31-15_3455b15dA lifetime ago this blog started as a way for me to rediscover who I was before the birth of my first child; to find the identity I felt I had lost.  I never thought I was a person who could have her own blog, and then discovered that I loved it.  I let it go quiet as I was busy tending to the tasks of a growing my family.  Now I have three kids, am done falling down the rabbit hole of raising babies, and today this blog is a place for me to create, share, and most importantly, enjoy writing.

Thoufdd0d-12466171_10153323341423316_160005090133567413_ogh the roles I juggle are many, those that never change are Christian, married, and working mom of three (including twins).
I’m a blogger who enjoys sharing my experiences and struggles.  I strive to be healthy when I’m not feeding my M&M addiction, love sports, and can’t help but share a good book and my excitement that I found time to read one. When I find stuff and things that are worth my money, my time, or make my life better, I’m going to tell you about them.

I’m so happy you stopped by.  Please say hi and let me know you were here.  Come and join me on Facebook , Twitter, and Instagram too.  Would you like to contact me with more than a comment?  Please send an email to smwhereinthemiddle@gmail.com.


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