Ben Loves Bear (Board Book)

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IMG_20160424_145951The story in this book follows Ben and Bear as they go through a typical day together.  Ben appears to be a two or three-year-old, big enough to sleep in a big-kid bed, and Bear is his teddy that never leaves this side.  The illustrations are uncomplicated and focused on only those two characters, showing snapshots of the fun they experience throughout the day.

The language is succinct, with an almost calming cadence as you read through the three to five-word sentences. For me, the reader, it is challenging to embellish.  For my toddlers, they identify with the steps they take every day: eating breakfast, getting dressed, bath time, etc. They are a bit mesmerized and enjoy the read, even if I might not find it that thrilling.

There is a two-page image in the middle of the book that they seem particularly drawn to.  There is a really cool train set, and Bear rides on the locomotive while Ben builds blocks on one of the freight cars. Something about the colors and the fun of a teddy bear riding a train keeps them pointing at this page longer than the others.

This book is a good one for bedtime stories.  Calming words and images with just enough fun to stir the imagination before lights out.

Sprout Score: ★★★★ 

Reader Score: ★★

Author: David McPhail

Illustrator: David McPhail

For Ages: Toddlers and Preschoolers

ISBN: 1-4197-0386-2

For more about the author and Ben Loves Bear, go here.


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