I can’t remember my sixteenth birthday.  Is that weird?  What girl doesn’t remember their sweet sixteen, either for how great it was, or how awful it was instead of how great it was supposed to be?  Granted, that was 21 a few years ago, I have three kids, and I feel lucky that I remember to put shoes on some mornings, so I’m not entirely surprised.

I do have a strong memory from the day before my seventeenth birthday.  I was riding somewhere in the back seat of the car, “Jack and Diane” was playing on the radio, and I heard the lyrics “Hold on to sixteen as long as you can / Changes come around real soon / Make us women and men.”  I smiled at the irony of hearing that line on that day, and then quickly went grim as the fear of that being true took over.  I had missed 364 days that I should have been holding on to sixteen, and here I was on the last day without ever even noticing that they had come and gone!

I suppose the next day wasn’t any different than the day before, but the point had been made.  Now I am many years wiser and I can agree with Mellencamp (Cougar?  Not sure what he goes by these days) that there was a significant amount of change in the next sixteen years to follow.  Thank goodness.

*this post was inspired by the WordPress Daily Prompt*


2 thoughts on “Sixteen

  1. Will never forget mine!!! We had footage if snow. My parents were in Vegas. My older aunt and uncle were tasked with watching my younger brothers and I. I ended up on the roof shoveling off snow. For hours with the neighbor dad from next door. That year the snow reached to my hips and I am tall?! Then I come in and my hit dog dinner was ready for me just as soon as I grilled my uncles steak. Yep…all these years, and there are a lot of them, later I will never forget it.


  2. I'm glad you remember it, seems like something we all should. I'm going to have to go back to my picture books from that time, maybe I'll have something that will jog my brain.


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