A different kind of church

Sunday mornings have never been about sleeping in around my house.  Except for instances of college, illness, or vacation, Sunday mornings have been up-and-at-em time for church.  Today, both my husband and I are under the weather.  Not enough to stay in bed, but enough not to bring our germs to church.  Which is good, because since my son is feeling just fine, staying in bed is not an option anyway.

So after breakfast today, I went out for a walk.  It’s a sunny, cold morning, enough that I could cover my bed-head with a hat, but not so cold that it was unpleasant. I haven’t been exercising much lately because of my work schedule, so it’s just as well that I wasn’t up for a full jog today.  With some good tunes in my headphones, turned down just low enough to hear the birds, and some alone time to hear myself think, I got to spend some time churching in a whole different way.  I missed seeing my church family today, but sometimes it’s good to change it up a little and see things when it’s quiet.  Happy Sunday, all.



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